What We Do

The Long-Lewis Foundation Provides Financial Support for the Following:

  • Those In Need – We will provide aid to those within our community experiencing financial hardships due to unexpected medical or emotional circumstances. We will work in cooperation with a local church or another 501c3 organization, checks cannot be made to individuals.
  • Local Missions – We will support Local Mission Efforts and Outreach Programs within the communities that we serve as a cooperative effort with the local Churches or other local 501c faith based organizations.
  • Global Missions – We will support individuals from within the communities we serve that participate in Global Missions and Outreach Programs through a local church or a 501c3 faith based organization.

The foundation provides a great platform for giving. It allows us to clearly define “Why” we give and to “What” we give. “Why” we give is to Glorify God and to help others experience the Love of Jesus Christ. “What” we give to is the less fortunate that are in need and a variety of other faith based initiatives within our community. We have made the decision to only support requests that fall within these guidelines.